Civil War Biography Replica

A replica is something that resembles the real thing. Research and create a replica of one person from the Civil War Era (1820 -1865)

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Select a Person

Select one person from the list of people page or browse the biography links until you find a person that interests you. You will research this person's life and introduce them to your class.

Research Guidelines

1. Once your teacher approves your selection, research this person in the library and/or using the list of people page or biography links. (Be careful not to copy information exactly and pass it off as your work!)

a) Find out who the person was
b) Why is this person historically special?
c) Find at least ten important and interesting facts
d) Find pictures of the person
e) Describe why he or she is important or had an influence on the time period

2. Use the information you have found to write at least three paragraph essay. The essay should include a hook to get the reader interested, strong supporting details, and a conclusion that wraps up your work. The essay should be typed up in its final draft from and glued or taped to the back of your replica.

Prepare Your Replica

1. Have your friend trace around your body while you lie down on a large piece of butcher paper. Cut out the outline. Glue or tape a metal hanger to the back of your replica's shoulders so it does not show from the front. (Position the hook of the hanger behind the neck.) The hanger will help you carry it to school and hang it up in the classroom.

2. Using the picture you found of your person, draw, as best you can, detailed features.

a) Include facial features, clothing, hair, shoes, etc.
b) Be as neat and as accurate as you can
c) Use color for authenticity
d) Include a front pocket on your person's coat or shirt

  • Slip in four small items which exhibit your detailed knowledge of this particular person's real being, something interesting that few people really know about.
  • Keep the items small to fit in the pocket


Present Your Guest - Now that you know your person, introduce him or her as your guest to the rest of the class.

1. When it is your turn to present, walk to the front of the class with you replica, stand behind your figure, and read what you have written on the back.

2. At the very end of your presentation, pull the items from the pocket, and explain each as a fitting finale to your presentation.

3. Be proud that you did your best to vividly capture the importance and appearance of your person!

Create a Web Page

Let's share your project with other Civil War students! You will be creating a web page about your person.

Web Page Requirements

  • Photo of you replica
  • A written summary of your person's life and the role they played in the Civil War
  • List of pocket items and why they were important

See sample Replica Web Page made using iWeb.


Lesson created by Caren Firger and Johanna Murphy

Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
April 2007