American Revolutionary War Historic Fiction Project

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You will write a journal entry based on a fictional historical character that you have created. Your character will take the position of a Loyalist or a Patriot. Use the links below to research the opposing viewpoints between the Loyalists and Patriots, details of colonial life, famous people you may have met, and historical events. Use this organizer to take notes as you research.

Your journal entry will written using a authentic voice from colonial America and embellished with details from history and your imagination. You will write a total of 3 entries. In the first you will introduce yourself. The second entry will describe an event that happens that is related to the conflict and how it changes or strengthens your position. The final entry will talk about how you see your future.


General - What was the difference between the Loyalist and Patriots and what did they believe in?

Loyalists vs Patriots. Start Here!!! This is a great presentation that tells you who they where and what they believed in.

Loyalists vs Patriots. The American Revolution This is a video that compares and contrasts these two positions.

Loyalists, Fence Sitters, and Patriots - An article that describes the different points of view people had during the American Revolution.

Patriots vs Loyalist - Q & A from Yahoo

No More Kings - Schoolhouse Rock, This video gives a good overview of historic events, but makes it sound like everyone believed the same thing. We know that people had many different beliefs, from Loyalists to Partiots and inbetween.

Loyalists (British, Redcoats, or "Tories")

Patriots (Colonists, Rebels, Minute Men, or "Whigs")

Revolutionary War Sites

American Revolutionary Biography Websites

Encyclopedias and Databases - These are great places to look for biographical information




Study Sheets - Loyalists vs Patriots - Who where they? What did they believe?

Notetaking Organizer, Notetaking Organizer Mod


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