The One Room Schoolhouse

Rendering by Robert Y. Larsen

Learn more about our Little Red Schoolhouse

A Day at the Schoolhouse in 1850

School House Role - A list of Needham children who were enrolled at the Little Red Schoolhouse in 1850 (pdf version)

Primary Source Documents

Photo Album

The Photo Album features photographs of the Upper Falls Schoolhouse including the big move, classroom field trips and Uncle Ron's photos.

For Fun

Little Red Schoolhouse JigSaw Puzzle



One Room Schoolhouse Teacher Training, by Erin Santos

Rules for teachers

1850's Smart Board Notebook, PDF version you can view the pages, but they are not interactive. by Shelly Santaniello

Historic Deerfield

Iowa One Room School House Resources

Sketches of an schoolhouse, and short video of McGuffey Reader lessons.

Deerfield Teacher's Center

Memorial Hall Museum
Old Sturbridge Village

For a sophisticated web-based look at an early New England outpost Attack on Deerfield
You will find one of the most engaging web sites illustrating settlers lives in the 1700s. One of the features of the site is the raid on Deerfield - this told from both the perspective of the English settlers and from the point of view of the French and Native Americans...


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