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Tribes of Massachusetts Map

Massachusetts tribe, language Algonkian

Wampanoag--also known as Massachusett, Pokanoket or Natick, Massassoit, Nantucket, Mashpee

Massachuset. Meaning "at the range of hills," by which is meant the Blue Hills of Milton.
Connections. The Massachuset belonged to the Algonquian linguistic stock, their tongue being an n-dialect, and formed one group with the Narraganset, Niantic (East and West), and Wampanoag, and probably the Nauset.
Location. In the region of Massachusetts Bay between Salem on the north and Marshfield and Brockton on the south. Later they claimed lands beyond Brockton as far as the Great Cedar Swamp, territories formerly under the control of the Wampanoag.

Massachuset Indian Tribe History