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The Israel Whitney House 1830
963 Central Avenue
North Hill Farm

In 1829 Israel Whitney bought 2 acres of land from the First Parish Church at a public auction for $100. The house was built sometime between 1829 and 1833. The Whitney House was the home of Postmaster Whitney and the first town post office. Whitney would carry the mail from his house in his leather apron to the school yard. He would then give the mail to the children to take home to their parents. Other times Whitney would spread the mail on his cobbler's table and people would help themselves to their mail. Besides a postmaster Whitney was also a Justice of the Peace and shoe cobbler.

In the 1940's the house was sold to Elizabeth D. Revere, the wife of Paul Revere who was the great-great-grandson of the patriot, Paul Revere. One night the Reveres noticed that the Dwight School was on fire. Paul Revere called the fire department to report the fire. When he said it was Paul Revere calling, the firemen laughed thinking that it must be a joke and didn't go to the fire.




Julie Likel Minarski and Kathleen Martell
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
June 2006