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The Matthias Mills House 1832
1147 Central Avenue

The youngest child of Fisher and Sarah Mills, Matthias Mills, purchased a 5 acre piece of land on the corner of Great Plain and Central Avenue in 1832 for $300.

Matthias and his brother, John, had a very successful glue manufacturing business. The shops were across the street.

He built his home in 1834. It is still standing and is now the new home of the Needham Historical Society.

Matthias' older brother, Davis, married Elizabeth Cheney. They lived in another house on Central Avenue. She was a teacher in the little red school house. Vice President Richard Cheney is related to her.

Take a look at Mr. Ron Hylen's photo albums for more photos of the Mills House and its renovation.


Julie Likel Minarski and Kathleen Martell
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
June 2006