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The Captain Robert Fuller House 1707
3 Burrill Lane
The Oldest House in Needham


Captain Robert Fuller fought in the Revolutionary War. His house was started in 1707 and completed in 1713. It is believed to be the oldest house standing in Needham. The Fuller house is a saltbox. A saltbox is a frame house with two stories in the front and one in the back. The front of the house is flat with a rear roof line that has a very steep slope, almost to the ground. Originally the house was thought to have 2 rooms on each floor, one on each side of a huge chimney which has now been removed from the house.

While the house was being built it is believed that the rooms were used as a parsonage - a residence provided by the church for the minister and family. Religious services may have been held in the house and a Harvard man came each weekend to preach. He paid Captain Fuller six cents to feed him and his horse for the weekend!

The first church services were held in the original house and in 1766 it was used as a school, "the school for the Centre". There were 6 generations of Robert Fullers who lived in this house. It is still there at 3 Burrill Lane.

Julie Likel Minarski and Kathleen Martell
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
June 2006