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Ezra Fuller House 1849
1453 Great Plain Avenue

Site of McIntosh Tavern

The McIntosh Tavern once stood where the Ezra Fuller House is now. The Tavern was in business from the late 1700's until 1834. It was a stopping place for the stage coaches running up Central Avenue from Boston to Dover. The tavern was run by Major Ebenezer McIntosh until 1827. After that the tavern changed into a grocery store and social hall used by the local residents. The tavern burned in 1844 and was rebuilt in 1849 as a residence. Since then many additions have been added to the house, greatly increasing the size.

Dog Corner (also known as McIntosh Corner) is the grassy island across the street from the house. It got its name because the Mills Family, which owned a lot of land around that area at the time, kept their hunting dogs tied up on that corner. The dogs would often bark at horses, carriages and people coming down the road.

Erza was the father of Timothy Otis Fuller, Needham's Naturalist who also lived in this house.


Julie Likel Minarski and Kathleen Martell
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
June 2006