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The Baker Estate and Ridge Hill Farm

Imagine that you are living in West Needham, what is now Wellesley, about 150 years ago. What would life be like? What modern conveniences would not have been invented 150 years ago?

Now imagine that you have one million dollars and would like to create something extraordinary that people can come to and enjoy, something like an old time Disneyland! What amusements would you have and what sights would you plan? Remember there are no electricity or automobiles yet.

That's just what William Emerson Baker did in West Needham in the 1850's. (Click on Mr. Baker's photo to continue.)


Text from The History of Needham HyperStudio project 1999

Learn more about the Baker Estate at Needham Historical Society's web site.

William Emerson Baker 1829 - 1888

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