Mayor of Needham Market Visits Needham
Nov. 7, 2011
Mrs. Wilcox with the Mayor

In honor of Needham's Tercentennial Celebration, the Mayor of Needham Market, England visited our town. The original settlers came to Needham from Needham Market, England and named our town after their old home.

The Mayor met with Eliot 5th Grade students and their teachers. Students asked many interesting questions and learned that we are more alike that we realized.

Some interesting facts~

  • There are 5,000 people in Needham Market and 5,000 students in Needham, MA.
  • The job of mayor is a volunteer position.
  • There are 5 councilmen in Needham Market and they take turns being Mayor for one year, then go back to being a councilman.
  • There is an old trail, called the Pilgrim Trail, that travelers walked from the countryside to London. Towns in Massachusetts were named in the order that towns were located along the trail. Needham should have been named Ipswich, but that name was already taken.


Mrs. D'Angio's Class

Mrs. Leate's Class

The Mayor with each of the 5th Grade Classes; Mrs. D'Angio's Class,
Mrs. Leate's Class, Mrs. Wankowicz's Class and Mrs. Wythe's Class
Mrs. Wankowicz's Class Mrs. Wythe's Class

Questions our students asked the Mayor

Anna: Are schools in Needham Market the same or different from here?
Mayor: They are pretty much the same.

Nealaski: Do kids in Needham Market study the American Revolution?
(She was too polite to ask if they portray us as the bad guys.)
Mayor: Yes, student often do study the American Revolution.

Joey: Is being Mayor a difficult job?
Mayor: No, not really. The job of Mayor is more a figure head position than a responsible role. When my turn as Mayor is up and I become a Councilman, things will get more difficult. People complain to the Councilmen.

Emily: Most people in America try to speak with a British accent. Do you try to speak with an American accent?
Mayor: I have tried, but I sound like a Texan. (He wouldn't do it for us)

Liam: Do people in England still wear wigs?
Mayor: Today, only the judges and bald people were wigs in England.


Kathleen Martell, Instructional Technology Specialist
Needham Public Schools, Needham MA
November 2011