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Learning Styles - General

Learning Styles. links to major learning style theorists.

Cognitive/Learning Styles - A general introduction to the idea of learning styles.

CTL Learning Styles Site - Learning styles is a hot topic in education - look here to see what many of the most well known researchers have to say about it.

Styles Comparison
Read the descriptors to understand more about Nora, Steve, Dawn and Sean.

Learning Styles and Personalities
Here's a site that explains many different learning styles including Gregorc's Learning Styles and Gardner's Multiple Intelligence.

Learning Styles
Is there a one size fit's all curriculum? An overview of learning styles and links to lots more information.

Gregorc Styles by Anthony F. Gregorc

Index of Learning Styles - This site by Richard Felder gives good background information as well as the opportunity to take an online survey to assess your learning style

The Basic Gregorc Styles - A quick list of the characteristics of the 4 types.

Applying What We Know : Student Learning Styles - A good article about the Gregoric learners. Be sure to click on the different types of learners for more information.

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire - Here is a direct link to the Felder questionnaire on Learning styles.

Kathleen Butler

The Learner's Dimension. Founded in 1982 by Dr. Kathleen A. Butler,

Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner

The Multiple Intelligences Overview - This website has each of the multiple intelligences clearly defined.

Walter McKenzie - This site has links to wonderful sources for each of the learners described in MI theory.

Bloom’s Taxonomies

Learning Skills Program

Learning Domains or Bloom’s Taxonomies

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Silver Strong

Silver Strong Assoc. Tools for Promoting Active, In-Depth Learning
Membership only. Lessons and tools for sale.

4Mat System by Bernice McCarthy

Learning Systems and the 4MAT System - A quick overview of this learning style theory along with the classic 4MAT learning wheel.

What is 4MAT? Skills of the four learning styles

Learning Styles Model by Dunn and Dunn

Dunn and Dunn Model (Click on D & D Model) - This is the standard visual map of the Dunn and Dunn learning strategies model. They incorporated new elements such as environment and physiological needs into their learning preferences theory.


Abiator's Online Learning Styles Inventory - There are several learning styles surveys here along with one that looks specifically at your analytical vs. global preferences.

The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences - Another online survey, but this one measures your inclination for various intelligences as outlined by Howard Garders MI theories.

Index of Learning styles Questionnaire - Here is a direct link to the Felder questionnaire on Learning styles. (You may have been here through another link.)

Humanmetrics - If you haven't done the Myers-Briggs Personality test then you really should try this. It is long but very interesting. Be sure to follow up with other sites that can tell you more about what those letters mean.

Four Learning Style Types Take a survey based on Anthony Gregorc's model to discover your style.

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